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Gulangyu Night Tour

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Gulangyu, located at the southwest corner of Xiamen Island, covers an area of

1.87 square kilometers and has about 16,000 residents. The origin of where

the name “Gulangyu” comes from an interesting one. Due to the impact

of wave currents hitting the shores of the island, the residents on Gulangyu Island

hears the rhythmic beat of the waves crashing on the pounding

on the reefs, like the sound of a heartbeat. Naturally, that is

why the name “Gulangyu Island” translates into “drum” and

“waves” as well as Piano Island. Even after more than a century and

a half has passed, as you walk down the busy bustling streets full of shops and

restaurants, you will notice musical symbols leading you through the island as well as a faint piano

rhythm lingering by your ear.


LunDu Ferry Terminal > SanQiuTian Ferry Terminal

 > Underwater SeaWorld > Shuzhuang Garden

 > MeiHua Beach > Dragon Head Snack Street

 > LuJiang River Night Cruise > Swiss Grand Xiamen


LunDu Ferry Terminal > SanQiuTian Ferry Terminal > Dragon Head Snack Street

 > Shuzhuang Garden > MeiHua Beach > BiShang Cave > Underwater SeaWorld

 > LunDu Ferry Terminal > Swiss Grand Xiamen




(1) Opening Hours: 24 hours a day.

Price: RMB 35 (Round Trip)


(2) Boat departures from and to the island:

SUMMER (June 1st to September 30th)

a) 18:50-23:45 Every 20 minutes

b) 0:15-6:30 Every hour

WINTER (October 1st to May 31st)

a) 17:50-23:45 Every 20 minutes

b) 0:15-6:30 Every hour


(3) Adult passengers traveling with children less than 1.2 meters tall must present original valid proof of identification in advance to redeem a free ticket. Babies under 2 years old must present an official medical birth certificate. You must present official documents at the ticket window of the ferry terminal to redeem free tickets. Each adult is restricted to only redeem one free children’s ticket. After that, each child must purchase tickets at half-price.


(4) Check-in counters will close 10 minutes prior to the time of departure. Passengers are recommended to arrive early to avoid long lines. 






1) In the Alipay app, type in "Xiamen Ferry Co. LTD” at the search tab and click the ferry ticket on the right-hand corner.


2) Register a Xiamen ferry account and insert your information according to your original valid proof of identification.


3) Click the self-service ticket and select “Xiamen Ferry pier - Shanqiutian pier”.


4) Confirm time and pier location, and then proceed to payment page.


5) For local passengers, swipe your I.D card once you pass security. For foreign guests, bring your official valid passports to one of the ticket counters before security and they will provide you with a paper ticket.


6) Children with unregistered identity cards are required to collect paper tickets at the ticket counter.


7) Night sailing can be purchased at the ferry pier depending on how many tickets remain.




Opening Hours:

Summer (April 1st to September 30th) 8:00-21:00

Winter (October 1st to March 31st) 8:00-20:00

Price: Adults RMB 80    Children RMB 50



Situated close to Gulangyu's ferry terminal, Underwater Sea World covers a land area of 1.75 hectares with a total construction area of 7,500 square meters. Altogether, 350 species and over 10,000 rare aquatic animals from all over the world are kept within the aquarium. It displays most kinds of rare and precious marine species from every part of China, as well as Australia and the Amazon River.



Opening Hours: 6:00-21:00    Price: RMB 30/person

Shuzhuang Garden, formerly a private garden, was built in 1931 at the foot of the Sunlight Rock, facing the sea, with the Sea-view Holiday Village in the east, and the bathing beach of the Rear Sea in the west. The Garden consists of two parts; Canghai and Bushan. The main structure, the 44thBridge, was built on the sea. It is said that if you walk across the bridge when the tide rises, it would seem as if one was walking on the waves. The garden is elegant with all sort of colours and rare specimen from all around the world. Visitors linger at this point as there is also a small private art museum to the right of the main entrance.



Opening Hours: All day    Price: Free

The beach is located at the South-west of Gulangyu, ideal for children of all age to enjoy the sun and adults to have a great time swimming in the ocean. Or if you would prefer enjoying a nice long walk along the sandy beaches, Meihua Beach is a great place to do so while you enjoy the ocean breeze and take in the scenery.




Opening Hours: All day    Price: Free


Bishan cave is a famous scenic spot in Gulangyu Island, located in Neicuoao road.



Opening Hours: 9:30-22:30



With many snack shops throughout the island, the Dragon Head Snack Street is the busiest street with the most delicious food where travelers can find seafood, fish ball, dried meat slice oyster omelets and many more. There are all kinds of famous internet shops here such as Miss Zhao’s Shop Turkish Ice-cream, Zhangsanfeng Milk tea shop, Mango shake, Tea shop, Huangshengji, Suxiaotang and Panxiaolian. There are many more must-eat snack shops on the island which is why it’s also a foodie’s paradise so make sure to come visit on an empty stomach and taste the local authentic food that will make you crave for more. Some shops even provide delicately packaged food so that you can bring them home as gifts for your friends and loved ones.




Opening Hours: 18:30-19:50 (Weekdays)

18:00-19:00 (Weekends)

Price: RMB 136/person


Lujiang night tour is a collection of information, business, culture, entertainment, food and interactive maritime travel routes. The night tour is a new option

for high-end tourists besides the project of “looking at the golden gate at sea". The ticket price is CNY 136/person and can purchase at our Business Center on the 4th floor. The duration of the Lujiang Night Tour will last for a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

If travelers decide to purchase the Lujiang Night Tour, it would consist of passing by these scenic spots: Dongdu Ferry Terminal > Lujiang Road > Gulangyu > Statue of Zheng Cheng Gong > Yan Wu Bridge > Lantau Island > International Cruise Center > Pearl Tower > Fire Island > Haicang Bridg > Dongdu Container Terminal > Xiamen Shipyard > Baozhu Island > Xinglin Gong Railway Bridge

When enjoying the night-time scenic view on the night tour,Gulangyu looks more graceful under the LED lights. When passing by the container terminal, the tour guide will explain the many changes that Xiamen has underwent since its reform and its rapid growth that has made Xiamen rank #2 best place to travel in China. 

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