Chinese Restaurant

Today, the 100-year-old restaurant is located at Swiss Grand Xiamen. In addition to a spacious and comfortable main hall in new XinNanXuan, there are 17 luxury private rooms. Or stand by offshore side and face to the Gulang Island, or retain static in a quiet place. The names of the private rooms refer to Xiamen's landscape and geographical name. From the Shuzhuang to Huxi, from Dongdu to Wanshi, it resembles the micro map of Xiamen and tells the stories of old Xiamen and the new special economic city. There is a story wall in the restaurant, hanging old photos of Xiamen and Xinnanxuan, inheriting the memory of history and experiencing the change of times. XinNanXuan sets for exquisite local fare and Cantonese cuisine. In terms of local dishes, it not only blends the characteristics of the modern Minnan cuisine but also retains the local flavor of Xiamen. Also, the Cantonese dishes and DIM SUM cannot be missed. If you go to Xin Nan Xuan, just immerse its specialties, elegant and bright hall, quaint restaurant atmosphere, and the seafront line of Gulang Island in close proximity. The delicate time belongs to you.

  • 3F

  • 11:30-14:30,17:30-22:00


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