Virgo Whisky Club

Whisky Club

Virgo symbolizes perfectionism, representing Virgo Whisky Club in pursuit of perfect detail, and striving to present every wine in the best posture.


Located on the 26th floor of the hotel, Virgo Whisky Club is the official partner of the "Scotland Malt Whisky Association", only for members. The Scottish Royal Fireplace mixes modern interior design styles with a semi-open space that maintains a sense of mystery and privacy. The tone of cement ash is matched with reddish-brown and custom lamps to create a visually stunning effect that differentiates the feeling of Virgo Whisky Club.


Virgo Whisky Club has nearly 150 whiskies, including Gran Fido, McAllen, Abbey, Teskar, Dharma, White States, etc... And some of them are rare limited-education or niche high-vintage whiskies which are worth to acquire.


For alcohol hackers, each whiskey has a different feeling and meaning, so there is no best, only the most suitable choice for the moment. Whether it's more complex or more flavorful, what you need to do is come here to order a drink and savor.


You can choose from three glasses of the same whisky, pure drinking, ice added, and water added, and slowly taste the subtle differences. Also, according to the recommendation, choose three different whiskies. The feelings only come out only when you experience by yourself.


There are also some special caterings for whisky, which are specially marinated in whisky, such as homemade salted salmon, duck liver, foie gras, etc.


Moreover, there are cigars sold at Virgo Whisky Club, including varieties of sizes of cigars, like Robtu, Churchill, Torpedo, and Corona. A man who smokes a cigar is such a visual enjoyment. And the burning cigars are purer and more fragrant than any cosmetics for males.



Virgo Whisky Club is a noble and comfortable space to enjoy fine malt distillates with friends or for business, inviting you to find out your favorite flavor.

  • 26F

  • 18:00-22:30


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