All Day Dinning Restaurant

Just like the meaning of “rivage”, the restaurant is near the sea and facing Gulang Island, which is located on 2rd floor at Swiss Grand Xiamen.


The restaurant is decorated with orange-green as the main color. Orange is a lively color, which is the warmest and brightest color in the warm color system. It shows that Rivage Café aims to provide the best meals and use full of enthusiasm to guests. Green is a common color in nature, representing comfort, peace and natural tranquility. At the same time, it highlights the natural health of the restaurant in the selection of dishes. Rivage chooses natural ingredients to cook and preserves the original flavor, also matched with other ingredients to create an excellent taste.


Rivage Café is the all-day dining restaurant of hotel. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, a-la-chart is offered.


The executive chef of Rivage, “Chef from 3-star Michelin Restaurant” Elvis Chen, brings passion and love for food, a soul-cooking attitude, and attention to details. The café buffet creates a full-service restaurant that combines taste and vision. "What we have to do is to maintain the most natural taste of the food, and then let them combine and create the best taste."


Sushi, local seafood baking tables, tabletop fondue, and cakes, etc are offered at the buffet, which aims to come up with signature dishes for each buffet table.


Moreover, the new Indian chef Kumar brings traditional and delicious Indian foods, such as Naan, Indian curry, Indian barbecue, etc., using the original flavor of pure natural spices for cooking, which are delicious and also healthy.



The buffet offers special dishes every day, as well as three surprised shows per night, making your buffet tour worth the money.

  • 2F

  • 12:00-14:00,18:00-21:00


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