Red Thai

Thai Restaurant

RedThai, the Thai restaurant is located on the second floor of Swiss Grand Xiamen. It has a total area of ​​480 square meters and eight individual private rooms of different sizes, which can accommodate 150 people at the same time. The luxurious lineup of Thai chefs serves the purest and authentic Thai cuisine.


Different with designs of many other Thai restaurants, RedThai doesn’t use Thai style deliberately, but instead uses a simple and stylish design. Whether from the decor, furnishings, tableware or the overall planning style of the restaurant, it reflects a unique design concept.


The entire restaurant is divided in a modern style. However, the decoration with the inspiration from Thai temple's charm still mentions the theme of this restaurant. Thai traditional culture emphasizes symmetry and balance, which is also reflected in the design of many restaurants.


At the entrance, the "Fu Lu Shou" three chairs certainly attract attentions. The inspiration of designer is the "red" word from RedThai. The three ultra-high backs of chairs not only have a full sense of design, but also indicate that the restaurant business has been rising steadily. After remembering the store, you must sit in these three chairs, and wish happiness, richness and health will always be with you.


Focusing on the "#1" symbol, don't mistakenly think it's the No. 1 gas station. It is a semi-open and elegant space, named “Table No.1”. This area is surrounded by mountains, seas, and busy countryside. The designer of RedThai also loved this position, so he put an irregular "1" long table here, and then the name of Table No. 1 just came up.


The private rooms in RedThai are all named by Thai natural ingredients. They are pepper, ginger, palm, and so on. Each place is full of Thai style, telling the special feelings of Thailand.



Authentic Thai Cuisine prepared by Thai Master Chefs in the cozy atmosphere of REDTHAI restaurant. Spice up your life!

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  • 11:30-14:30,17:30-22:00


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