Niche Lounge

Lobby Lounge

Niche Lounge, the elegant and delicate place to leisure locates on first floor at Swiss Grand Xiamen.


In the Niche Lounge, it is a vitality space combined purple as the main color with the symmetrical yellow lamps. The chandelier is used above the bar, to create a noble “emotional” environment. With the transparent connection to the lobby and the elegant seating area, the designer creates a rich sense of space for the Niche Lounge, coming out with a luxury and warmth dining environment.


Gulang Island has always been known as the "Qindao", because you will hear pleasant sounds from musical instruments and sounds of wave beating. The piano at the entrance of the Niche Lounge echoes Gulang Island, which immerses you into the beautiful musical spectrum.



Niche Lounge offers coffee and tea culture, lunchtime snacks and afternoon tea. After sunset, the mood changes with upbeat musical entertainment, cocktails, selected wines or chilled beer on tap.

  • 1F

  • 8:00-23:00


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